Meet Lex

I am a 24 year old content-creator, website designer and business owner based in Southwest Florida with a passion for creating visually aesthetic ad-content related to lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and fashion. My intention is to act as a reliable source for consumers, while working with product-based brands to create high quality, organic, and captivating content.

I have created several viral videos as a micro-influencer, one with a reach of over 2.4 million views. Producing short-form video material is my main creative outlet and my specialty is creating high-quality organic ad content that converts into sales and increases engagement.


What is UGC?

UGC is a digital marketing asset that presents a brand in an organic and authentic light.

Why is this useful? — Because customers are no longer resonating with unrealistic ad campaigns curated by brands. They want to see content created by real people that they can relate to and trust. UGC proves to your audience that your product works.

This new-ad format increases consumer trust in a brand and product, resulting in enhanced revenue growth. This means increased engagement, conversions, and brand awareness.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.